Anarkali Bazar at Lahore…………………

Anarkali Bazar: Anarkali:

Anarkali is the oldest bazaar of South Asia and is named after legendary girl “Anarkali” who was buried alive in 1599 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar for falling in love with the Prince Jahangir.

The bazaar is in front of Lahore Museum and on the side of Punjab University Old Campus. Spanning from Mall Road on one side to the “Lohari” Gate of the ancient walled city of Lahore at the other end. Here one can find a number of sub markets of men and women wear. It is a famous shopping area for girls and women, prices are reasonable and bargaining is must.

Anarkali – Sunday Bazaar:

No off day for Anarkali Bazaar. On Sunday when markets are closed, vendors invade the main road inside the Bazaar with stalls selling every thing at a down to earth price of whatever is sold during week days. It is a long strip from Mall Road to “Lohari” Gate of old Lahore and may get too overcrowded to walk through.
What to pay: Remember not to hesitate bargaining as there is always room for discount.


Anarkali – old books:

If you get a chance to visit Anarkali Bazaar on a Sunday, you will notice a lot of vendors selling old books on a throw away price. Your chances of getting hold of rare books are high. Don’t you feel excited reading a 1970’s edition of Readers Digest or National Geographic Magazine. I am proud to have a copy of a 1972 magazine that had some of the fabulous pictures that I could not locate on the web.

Anarkali Bazar: Where to buy Salwar Kameez

The name of the shop is “MOON GARMENTS”. The shop is located not far from the entrance of new Anarkali bazaar. This is the best shop to buy Salwar Kameez for a cheap price with better quality because most of their clothes come direct from factory. Latest designs and lots of choices. Please ask for variety and they will bring it in from the store not far from the shop.

Anarkali Bazar: Where to buy Antiques

The name of the shop is ” Babar Handicraft Centre “. It looks like a small shop from outside view but when you enter inside they are much bigger than expected. The antiques are cheap and good quality. They also sell good range of wood and marble products with excellent hand finishing.

 Anarkali Bazar: Buy Anything…

Anarkali Bazar is a treasure trove, selling virtually everything from handicrafts to transistor Radios, tin saucepans to refrigerators. It is a maze of lanes & and alleys stretching northwards from the central museum end of the Mall to the corner of the old city near Lahori gate. Shopping is more fun here than in the shops along the Mall, and the prices are lower. Bargain Hard. This is a good place to look for costume jewellery, and cheap cotton clothes, especially in Bano Bazar, as Anarkali’s ladies-only bazaar is called.

What to buy: You can buy anything from clothing’s to nearly every household thing.

Bazaar: Busy Bazaar

The Bazaar within the wall is wonderful and dazzling. You’ll see anything here. A good place to get some souvenirs. It is very crowded and some alleys are very narrow, but there is a good atmosphere. When you buy doesn’t forget to bargain! 


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