Cinemas In Lahore…………




Cinemas In Lahore:


Lahore has been ahead of all other cities in providing great quality of life and recreation opportunities. There are now many cinemas in Lahore which entertain you with hot pop corns and other snacks.

Defence cinema which is known as DHA cinema is located at the main center of Lahore and was established in 2007. It provides the people with comfortable seats and homely atmosphere makes the movie much more entertaining. The café situated outside the halls provides the viewers all sorts of food items. It now shows 3D movie as well. The cinema plays three movies daily.

Yet another very popular cinema here in Lahore is Cini Gold. This cinema has luxury seats for the people who come here to watch the movie. The cinema is quite far away from the city Lahore but it is one of the famous ones. Cine Golg cinema is located in Behria town Lahore it provides people comfortable seats, good environment.

Paf cinema is a new edition in the cinemas of Lahore. It is situated in Lahore cantt. This place has its own feel because it has fighter planes around it which makes the show more interesting.

Cinestar is another one of the best cinemas in Lahore. Most of the crowd is experienced here in this cinema. This is located in Township and plays the movie four movies a day. The walls of the cinema are beautiful and the designing of the walls makes them more attractive.

Sozo world Located in the Cantonment area of Lahore city near the famous Fortress stadium and has Digital Sound System, JBL speakers and Crown Big Silver Screen. It provides you VIP luxury seats imported for the better comfort of the guests.



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